What is Burgerstein microcare®?



For whom are Burgerstein microcare blends intended?

Where can I get Burgerstein microcare®?


What does Burgerstein microcare taste like?

Every blend tastes different.

Some of the raw materials naturally have a specific taste and a strong smell. In concentrated form, these active ingredients may taste sweet, bitter, tart, sour or spicy. For example, the berry mix is fruity, the vitamin C is sour, and the green tea extract is tart and bitter. These flavours are attributes of efficacy, so to speak. To increase their palatability and to protect the sensitive substances they contain, Burgerstein has applied a pleasant-tasting natural coating to the granules.

Where can I obtain Burgerstein microcare?

The preparation of your individual Burgerstein microcare blend requires a consultation with an appropriately trained specialist of your choice – a doctor, pharmacist, chemist, or therapist.

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