Online expert system (OES)

The OES is a web-based expert system that supports authorised users in the simple and safe creation of recipes:

  • Highest level of flexibility thank to various options for creating recipes
  • Sample recipes for certain important symptoms and topics. These sample recipes can be adapted individually all the way to the definitive version
  • Consideration of all current scientific data
  • Warnings when permitted daily doses for dietary supplements are exceeded
  • It is not possible to make incorrect entries that pose a risk to health
  • The cost of the blend and the number of granules are visible at all times when creating the recipe
  • Simple creation of mixed protocols, labels, and product information for pharmacies and drugstores that prepare the blends themselves

Only authorised persons who have completed an introductory training course are given the log-in for the online expert system. You will find the dates of the introductory training courses here (only in German)

The OES can only be accessed via the following separate URL address: