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The personal micronutrient blend for you.

What is Burgerstein microcare®?

Burgerstein microcare® is a concept for customisation of individual micronutrient blends, tailored to your personal needs. Your personalised micronutrient blend is prepared by a specialist, and takes various factors into account, including your lifestyle, eating habits or your general health. Our broad range comprises high-quality granules containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other interesting ingredients.

More about personalised micronutrients

Burgerstein microcare tin with a personalized micronutrient mixture
Microcare Mischung

Personalised micronutrient blend for you

Procure a customised micronutrient blend prepared by one of our selected partners.

Find a provider


Become a Burgerstein microcare® partner as a specialist

You can then provide individualised Burgerstein microcare® micronutrients to your customers and patients.

Learn more about the partnership