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Burgerstein microcare®− Individual micronutrients suited to your needs

Micronutrients are a vital part of metabolism and essential for life. Our body cannot produce them on its own – so they need to be supplied to the body in a sufficient quantity. This typically occurs through a balanced diet.

Supplements are often used in special situations, e.g. when there is an increased need, nutritional imbalance or special metabolic conditions. However: Every person is different, has other needs, and would like “their own supplement” to be as high-quality as possible and to be able to be tailored to their own personal needs. This is possible with Burgerstein microcare®.

What is Burgerstein microcare®?

With Burgerstein microcare® the specialist you trust (doctor, pharmacist, chemist or non-medical practitioner) can compose a personal blend for you. This composition takes into account a number of factors, such as your lifestyle, your eating habits and your health situation.

Burgerstein microcare® − individuelle Mikronährstoffe

Combination, just right

Burgerstein microcare®-Mischung in der Dose

The range of the Burgerstein microcare® concept offers a large selection of high-quality granules with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, fascinating plant extracts and other interesting nutrients (e.g. bioactive collagen peptides, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate).

Not “just” micronutrients: The combination of micronutrients with plant substances or other nutrients such as collagen is an extraordinary interesting option for formulating personalised supplements. The Burgerstein microcare® concept pairs a wide range of high-quality substances with the optimal composition for the individualised supplementation.

Why create individualised supplements?

Micronutrients, i.e. vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and fatty acids, are involved in numerous metabolic processes in the body. Various factors such as gender, age, genetics, lifestyle and eating habits, as well as your own health situation, influence these metabolic processes and therefore also the body’s needs for micronutrients.

Take a moment to think it over: Do you have the same eating habits as your neighbour? Or do you do as much sports as your co-worker? Probably not, but these are just two small comparisons; so it does make sense that you have different micronutrient needs than other people do.

In addition, standard supplements often require the use of multiple products simultaneously due to their fixed composition and dosage. For many people this is not only impractical, but they may feel uncomfortable if their supplementation consists of several tablets or capsules per day. When a microcare® blend is formulated, exactly the substances are selected and integrated into one single product.

Who benefits from an individual recipe with micronutrients?

Burgerstein microcare® is suitable for all age groups – from children to elderly people:

  • For people who prefor to have their supplements integrated into one single product whenever possible.
  • For prevention or for maintain the well-being
  • As a food supplement to support the optimal supply of the body with micronutrients, e.g. in people who have a greater need
  • As a supplement for support with specific issues (e.g. joint health, support of the immune system, etc.)
  • As an adjunct to conventional or complementary medical therapy
  • For individuals unwilling or unable to swallow tablets or capsules

» Read more about the significance of micronutrients for our lives on the website of the Burgerstein Foundation.

Familie verschiedener Generationen gemeinsam in der Natur
Gruppe von Frauen in der Natur beim Joggen

What makes Burgerstein microcare® unique?

Based on nearly 50 years of experience in the field of micronutrients and with the goal of enabling personalised supplementation, the Swiss company Burgerstein Vitamine developed the innovative Burgerstein microcare® concept.

The careful selection of raw materials, the high standards of quality in processing, the minimal use of only a few excipients and the complex production of granules that are all covered with a protective coating are all dependent on a high level of expertise and good partnerships with specialised companies; a high level of quality is a must here.

Burgerstein microcare Qualität

Broad, constantly growing range

The large selection of substances in the Burgerstein microcare®concept provides the specialists who work according to it with a high degree of flexibility in the composition of supplements. Specialists also have the opportunity to continue with further training – know-how and a high level of service can thus be promoted continuously.

» Explore the entire range of Burgerstein microcare®.

The microcare range includes around 40 granules

microcare b12
microcare berry mix

Burgerstein honours its founding principles

Quality is extremely important to Burgerstein. The quality of the raw materials, their usability, and the targeted selection of natural excipients play a central role here. Stability is also key: Sensitive substances in particular are protected by the complex production processes and the content of the granules is regularly checked.

» Learn more about the quality of our Burgerstein microcare® granules

Support for specialists

A computer-assisted formulation program helps trained specialists to select the substances and quantities that are suitable to your situation based on the details you provide on your lifestyle, eating habits and personal health.

Your personal micronutrient blend is produced by a specialised pharmacy or partnering chemists. The individual recipe is saved under compliance with data privacy law; this allows you to re-order the same blend at any time without any changes or modified to meet your current needs.

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