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Burgerstein microcare® – Focus on Quality

Burgerstein microcare®- Guarantee of quality

Development: Burgerstein lives up to its standards of quality

Many factors play a central role in the development of the Burgerstein microcare® granules. These include the bioavailability of the active ingredients being studied in clinical trials where possible. The selection of raw materials is therefore made after careful research – both regarding the possible fields of use and their safety, based on scientific data, as well as their origin and quality.

The use of excipients is kept to a minimum in order to increase the proportion of active substances in the granules.

The following principles are observed in the selection of the few excipients that are used:

  • Exclusively substances that are naturally found in our body or that are natural parts of our diet.
  • No fibre or expanding fillers that unnecessarily bind active substances to their matrix and may lead to bloating and intolerance reactions. The focus is on the effective and complete release of the ingredient and the tolerance of the granules.

Extensive manufacturing processes for excellent quality and tolerance

The optimal formulation and the production environment have the highest priority in the development of the granules. They are produced in facilities that comply with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines for pharmaceuticals.

High-quality granules that have a pleasant taste and are easy to swallow – thanks to their natural coating

In a very complex additional step the granules are covered with a thin layer (coating) of natural materials to protect the substances that they contain (stability), to mask the taste and scent and to make them easier to swallow.  

Some of the raw materials have their own natural taste and strong odour. In concentrated form these substances can taste sweet, bitter, tangy, sour or spicy. So a berry blend may taste fruity, vitamin C sour or the granules with artichoke extract bitter, for instance. These are typical characteristics of the high-quality ingredients, but they are only weakly perceptible because of the protective coating.

All microcare granules are both lactose-free and gluten-free, and aside from very few exceptions they are also suitable for vegetarians.

All of these factors make it easier to take the granules and also increase their tolerance of the granules and the resulting blends.

Herstellung microcare Granulate
Dragierprozess Granulate für individuelle Mikronährstoff-Mischungen | Burgerstein microcare®

Quality controls

After production all of the granules are subjected to multiple analytic tests before they are released for sale.

Laborantin bei der Qualitätskontrolle eines Burgerstein microcare®-Granulats im Labor