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The individual blends are composed of high-quality granules with various ingredients. These include “classical micronutrients” such as vitamins, minerals and a wide selection of plant extracts, as well as other fascinating nutrients such as collagen, for example.

See our current selection of granules here.

You will require a consultation with a trained specialist whom you trust - your doctor, pharmacist, chemist or therapist - before your Burgerstein microcare blend can be customised.

Find your specialist here

Various factors, such as gender, age, constitution and genes, as well as lifestyle, eating habits and your own general health have an impact on your body’s requirement for micronutrients.
Burgerstein microcare® enables customisation of micronutrient blends for prevention and therapy, thereby taking into account the special needs of each individual.

Each blend has its own unique taste - depending on its composition.

Some of the raw materials naturally have a distinct, perceptible taste and/or odour. Thus, vitamin C granules taste sour when chewed, berry extract granules taste fruity, and those with artichoke extract taste bitter.

We therefore recommend swallowing the granules with liquid or semi-solid food instead of chewing them. The granules are covered with a natural coating to protect the ingredients and mask their taste and smell – this increases their stability and is a key attribute of Burgerstein microcare®.

The granules should be swallowed whole without chewing, if possible – such as with adequate liquid or semi-solid food like apple sauce or quark.

Chewing the granules is not “forbidden,” but is advised against since this destroys the protective coating and allows the taste and smell to be clearly perceived.

Yes, as long as the children are old enough to swallow the granules.

The concerned specialist must take into account that the blend is intended for a child - both as regards the dose and the selection of substances.

Yes, provided that the blend is suitable for this purpose in terms of its composition and dose. Please consult a specialist in this regard.

Please write an email to info@microcare.ch. Provide your name and that of your prescribing doctor or therapist.

If you received your blend from the Burgerstein pharmacy, please write an email to info@microcare.ch or call: 055 220 12 92. Please provide your name, that of the prescribing physician and your order number.

This depends on the purpose of the blend. Discuss this issue with the specialist who was
responsible for formulating your blend.

A Burgerstein microcare® blend usually lasts one month (maximum of 6 months). Your specialist can reactivate your store prescription at any time or
have the blend produced for several months.

However, we normally recommend discussing the composition of a blend with the specialist after 3 months of taking it. It may also be a good idea to modify the composition or to take a
break from using the blend.

You may contact the specialist (doctor, pharmacist, chemist or therapist) who prepared the blend for you as soon as you have finished consuming it. Your personal recipes are saved while complying with data privacy, and these may be
opened at any time or modified based on your current needs and then re-ordered.

Health insurers are not obliged to cover the costs for microcare blends!

Blends prescribed by a doctor for a medical condition or symptom are considered to be extemporaneous preparations as per the Federal Act on Medicinal Products and Medical Devices and are not nutritional supplements. Therefore, it is possible that your health insurance company will contribute to the costs This would depend on a variety of factors, such as your insurance coverage (supplementary insurance policies).

Always submit a prescription signed by your doctor and the claim receipt (in the package) or the pharmacy receipt to your health insurer
to apply for cost coverage.

We suggest you obtain cost approval beforehand, if necessary with your doctor’s support, to ensure that your health insurance provider will contribute to the costs of your blend.

You should ideally contact your doctor directly if you have any further questions about this topic.

Please contact your doctor, pharmacist, chemist or therapist for specific questions about your blend. You may contact the Burgerstein microcare hotline directly for questions of a more general nature.

Telephone: 055 220 12 92

Email: info@microcare.ch