Every blend tastes different.

Some of the raw materials naturally have a specific taste and a strong smell. In concentrated form, these active ingredients may taste sweet, bitter, tart, sour or spicy. For example, the berry mix is fruity, the vitamin C is sour, and the green tea extract is tart and bitter. These flavours are attributes of efficacy, so to speak. To increase their palatability and to protect the sensitive substances they contain, Burgerstein has applied a pleasant-tasting natural coating to the granules.

A wide range of factors, such as gender, age, constitution, genetics, but also lifestyle, eating habits, and a person’s health status, impact on individual micronutrient requirements.

Burgerstein microcare makes it possible to produce customised micronutrient blends for prevention and treatment, which take into account the particular requirements of each individual.

The preparation of your individual Burgerstein microcare blend requires a consultation with an appropriately trained specialist of your choice – a doctor, pharmacist, chemist, or therapist.

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To avoid damaging the protective coating, you should avoid chewing the granules or keeping them in your mouth for too long. An appropriate measuring spoon and detailed instructions on how to take the blend are included. The blends should ideally be swallowed without being chewed, e.g. with liquid, yoghurt, or apple purée.